Girls, Should, I Delete, All Of My Dating Profiles, I Might Quit Online Dating?

I have tried everything to get girls to respond, I have changed my pictures, profile, tried using the most creative openers, I could think of, I mentioned something specific about the girls profile in the messages, nothing works, I dont even get one single match on Tinder 😭.
I guess when you are as ugly as, I am it is next to impossible to find a girlfriend using online dating.


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  • I wouldn't feel bad about it, you have some females who may just dont find you attractive and that should not upset you. Im sure someone down the line will find you attractive, trust me its someone out there for you it just take time for the two of you to cross paths.

  • When people go on tinder they are very picky. I know thin because you can afford to be picky. You are not bad looking I just think your personality doesn't shine through your looks and you need to talk to them to get them to love you. But know you don't need a relationship to be happy.

  • So far I have only seen one picture of you here. Do you mind showing more?

    • I posted another photo of myself as my cover image.

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    • My hobbies are reading, sports, cooking, and listening to music.

    • Go to a library and find belle :D

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