Why can't we hook up and have one night stands like we used to. So much better than all the bullshit that everyone goes through today?

Last week I saw an old friends ex-wife out and we ended up having a drink and catching up. Had a great visit and ended up sleeping together. We laughed and talked all nite but the best thing was we got to cuddle and finally fuck. My first social Fuck. The End.


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  • after divorce i had sex with my exs best friend a few times who had been eyeing and flirting with me for over a year. we have a great time together.

    • Good for you. Hope he is better to you than jerk was.

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    • Dont worry I'll just pretend

    • no problem

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  • lol the only thing that would complete this for me is to know she feels exactly the same? xx oh and congrats on losing your social virginity! ;)

    • Thanks guess that's no strings attached sex. Was not the hard pounding are me cum sex, but intimate pleasure. We will most likely never see each other again. It wasn't love or even last but it was nice...

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