What are the signs for when your Libra guy friend wants to be your boyfriend?

Context: I'm an 26 year old Pisces girl ( Venus: Aquarius/ Moon: Scorpio) who became friends with a 29 year old Libra guy (Venus: Virgo/ Moon: Leo) over the course of 6 months. We live in the same apartment building; to be more precise we're neighbor and we share some of the same young professional friends. Recently, I've been asked on several occasions by other associates if we're dating and told what a “striking match” we make and how much chemistry/sexual tension we have. Which made me really take stock in of our "relationship" and I could see what they saw. Now, I've notice the degree of intimacy in our friendship has started to "ramp up"; examples: He initiates text messages and conservations that goes on for 3-4 hours, he plans time for us to talk in person “just to catch up” , I'm always making jokes about him around other people and he laughs and really enjoys my shenanigans and witty banter, we have political sparring matches that always lead to more laughs, new inside jokes and end with "agree to disagree". I'm developing deeper affections for him which took me by surprise. The Change: However, my Libra's recent behavior is throwing me off - Lately my Libra friend has taken a huge interest in my love life. We will be out with other friends having a great time then out of nowhere he will suggest that "some guy" likes me or is attracted to me and that I should go say hi. I always play it off and say I'm not interested no matter the guy. He's quick to assume that I'm on a date if I'm too busy to hang out. According to him guys from our building have even ask him about me and I feel like he's trying to test me at every turn lately. Question: Which leads to my actual question- What’s really going on with my Libra friend and how will it affect us?


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  • I think he might have a thing for you as well and when he teases you in regards to someone else he might be testing your reaction.


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  • Don't know but you should be with a Scorpio


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