Guy asked why I've never done drugs before- does that make me uninteresting?

I went on a first date with a guy and he asked if I ever done drugs. I said no- he said why... I told him I never needed or wanted to try. Is that bad now a days or something? Do guys not go for girls that haven't done drygs?


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  • i never done any either, just that this generation is more on the aspect so what you only live once have some fun types


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  • Get rid of him. Waste of your time. He sounds like he is the type that is looking for someone who can smoke and drink with him. And thats his preference, nothing wrong with wanting what you like. But you wasted your time going out on a date with this guy. This should have been discussed before you even met up with him. That way you could of dodge meeting him to begin with.

    • You think so?
      You think I would be too boring for him and stuff?
      I'm still texting him but should I just cut it off?

      I feel like I'm too plain and boring for him anyways. :/
      I don't drink a lot or go to bars a lot because I'm not interested in that. He's not a foodie/adventurer like me. :/
      We get along any other way but I don't know I'm feeling a bit insecure about it now because I'm not adventurous or something.

    • Adventurous as in above the influence and stuff

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  • I go for girls that haven't done drugs

    • If a girl you're on a date admitted she did them last month what would you do?

    • depends on if they can quit... it would be a stipulation I would have on me dating them is even offer to help them quit if they needed it... but most likely they won't go for that

  • no never. but he want to know long he can be in bed with you


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