Does he get that much action? Girls would you date unemployed 29 yr old?

This guy I know always claimed how easy it is for him to get girls/action and how much girls like him. He's 29, 5"7 (so short). and is moderately attractive (id say 6.5-7/10). He also relies on plenty of fish mainly to get girls. He is a smooth talker though but very large ego which is obvious right away. He is unemployed. Do you think he actually gets that much action? Don't people who brag so much typically exaggerated?


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  • His height has nothing to do with him potentially "getting action". He seems to have the wits and personality to get a girl with ease. Girls like that in a guy so don't attempt to belittle his height. You actually seem a bit jealous.

    • I'm not I'm just saying that he's also unemployed for over a year. I just feel he's overcompensating likes he's overbragging which makes me think he's exaggerating. Most guys who get that much action to talk about it to that extent l

    • Well like you said he's a smooth talker and a huge ego so it could go either way. Guys do tend to exaggerate a bit but not to the extent he is so maybe he's telling the truth. That doesn't mean he's getting with quality "hot" girls. Most likely the opposite

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  • He is a bullshitter. Get rid of him. He is nothing but toxic energy and waste of your time. Believe me. I am on POF a lot, and I am familiar with the same guys who are on that site. Most are talkers looking for quick sex from different females. Guys who brag are just a turn off for me. And he is unemployed at that. Any female who gets with him I can assure she will be paying for dates and after awhile a female will get drained with doing that and get rid of him. He must be putting good sex onto the females he is bragging about because i dont see any female just wanting a gug who is unemployed. Unless she has been single for awhile or insecure with herself that she feels she can not do better.

    • All the girls I'm pretty sure are single mothers he's been hooking up with or 20 yr olds.

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  • I'm sure he can. Some women are willing to go out with a guy with potential.

    • But I feel he's overcompensating likes he's overbragging which makes me think he's exaggerating

    • He could be

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  • I'm sure you know details about him that they don't. Like, if he's getting them off POF, there's a good chance they don't even know his unemployed.

    Also, if he's talking about girls, plural, that sounds like no one is sticking around... so, not truly "dating" him. He might get a lot of girls interested initially based off his profile or whatever, they meet, maybe he does get them to have sex... but, I'm guessing it's not lasting very long. If he's a 7, I would not be surprised if girls are interested based off his pic initially, but it's not enough to hang around and go out more than a few times, especially the more they learn about him.

    I don't care if you're 5'7 or unemployed if you're trying to find a job, but you can't be a jerk, can't be arrogant, can't be a liar, can't be unintelligent... I mean, basically, circumstances count.

  • Personally you have to have a really good excuse and a plan in order for me to date someone unemployed. Unemployed could have happen out of their control but if they were smart and had savings and is actively LOOKING for another job then yes. If there's no effort and he's not trying hell no.

    • He's been unemployed (wanted to change careers from white collar to blue collar) for almost year he does have savings thought. Do you think he really gets that much action? Don't people who brag about that crap usually don't.

    • Maybe, maybe not depends on how badly he feels he needs to boost his own ego.