A love question?

I'm so damn confused, I known this kid for a while. He goes to college in a little town close by. We met line dancing, which happens daily. So we've been dancing for awhile and he made me happy. Then one week I asked for his Snap and he gave it to me, we were mutually into eachother (at least I thought he was) he went on Christmas break and we talked on snap. He told me he was falling for me, he said he told his family about me. He then came back from break and the communication went down to no communication for two weeks, I thought he ghosted me I was so sad and acted different from what my mom said. Then he started to talk to me again after two weeks of not communicating he stopped going to the dance cause he said he had to work. But a couple of loved ones of his died and he took it hard. Then we kept talking for a day, then he stopped for another week or so and he snapped me again and said he missed me. But then he stopped talking to me again... is this normal? I really like him, but should I move on?


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  • In the gaps when he didn't snap you. Di you try snapping him?

    • I did once, and I asked him how he was doing.

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    • Ofcourse! You will meet someone when you are least expecting it. Always has been the case with me at least

    • Could select me as MHO please? 😃 ill love you for life

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  • Personal question? What do you talk about?

    • All kinds of things.

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    • That could be, but he said we would make a cute couple. And I said I think we would too. He knows I like him I've told him several times.

    • But you have to make it official. You need to tell him how you really feel and see if he's on the same page as you. If not, this will continue for a long time and don't be surprised if one day he tells you he's dating someone... So ask him straight up if he wants to date.

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