Am I'm a little desperate for this?

Okay... so it's this girl that I'm into (personality wise) and she super into me as well. Me and her use to work together at a grocery store and I left and went to another job. But we stayed in contact on Facebook with each other. But we never flirted with each other at that point. Fast forward months later we started flirting with each other on facebook and meet up with each other a few times. The problem is... she's on the heavy side and I know it's wrong of me to feel this way but it's not my style date a big chick and I'm afraid of people judging me. Or making fun of me. But she's a really good girl. I don't know what to do wanna loose her too.


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  • u r stupid. why judge a relationship with ur brain, when it all should be about the heart. who cares what others think? this is all about you and her, not you her and the others. anyway if u really like her you should stop thinking about such stupid things and act based on your feelings

  • If you are always worried about what others might think about you, not matter how pretty or skinny the girl is, there will always be a problem. At the end of the day, looks doesn't matter. Personality does. If you are happy with her, thats all it matters. You will get sick of looks but not personality. In fact, i really admire people who date someone less attractive. Shows a lot about their characters as well. (not superficial) :)


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  • Get her to go to the gym, and eat less junk food. If you catch her chowing down on a load of food, just tell her "Slow down, chubby, the food is not going anywhere"

    • But seriously. There are some great weight training exercises online, like apps and etc. Just pick out a few and get her to do it, and you should do it with her too, to make her feel comfortable, but don't rush it! 😖😖😖

    • Yea I feel you, thanks for the advice bro.

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