Guys, how would you get rid of a girl you've been seeing if you thought she was crazy?

Guys, how would you get rid of a girl you've been seeing if you thought she was crazy?

i feel like this guy isn't interested in me anymore but won't be upfront with me. I'd rather him just admit that he thinks we're incompatible rather than telling me to not take it personally and that he's not in the position to get serious because he owes child support and there's other setbacks. Then says he really likes me and wish he was in the position to see where this leads. We've had long winded conversations through text and then on the phone for almost an hour.

i feel like he's shady and that he's making up excuses of why he can't get serious, but then think that he does care and they may not be excuses because of the time he puts in to discuss these things with me.

Then, I had another thought. The sex we have is so hot and I'm wondering if he's type casting me as crazy. Maybe he doesn't like me but he invests so much time trying to ease my mind because he's worried I'm the stalker type or I'll smash his windows or do something else terrible. Maybe he just hopes I'll go away but when I get upset about his dwindling interest, he spends almost an hour on the phone with me to make me feel like he cares just so I don't go psycho.

I'm not psycho, but I feel like his excuses are lies. Why would he act like he cares by discussing this stuff with me and then not care in other ways seeming like he hopes I just go away?

Should I believe he cares, but can't get serious now because he's not in the position or should I think that his efforts are to protect himself from a crazy lady? We've been seeing each other 4 months and after two months is when he said he can't get serious.
  • Ignore her
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  • Be totally honest with her that this isn't working for you
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  • Lie and say she's amazing but you're not in the position to get serious and then end it
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  • Pretend you still like her. Invest almost an hour on the phone with her so she doesn't lose her mind. The sex is hot so at least you get to smash But be careful, this could be risky
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  • I like crazy girl

    • I mean the type of crazy where she will destroy your property for not wanting to be with her anymore.

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    • Having sex with someone just to protect yourself emotionally doesn't seem right to me and kinda childish I know you are older than me and probably smarter but still that is just wrong no offense

    • @KingHC but we're not boyfriend girlfriend. I wouldn't do that if I'm in a committed relationship. He's on tinder by the way.

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