A girl I was starting to "date" kissed someone in front of me while drunk?

So after a long time of not dating and having a ex that almost destroyed my soul, I made a friend out of s girl at my gym. We run together, spend time st her house, she's always messaging me, we gym together and generally having a good time. Although we were friends, it was pretty clear she liked me and I liked her as well. Last night we spoke like we were friends but she also touched my hair a lot and called me handsome. At this sort of less classy place a drunk guy came to chat to her and her friends with me at the table. He asked her does she date she said no, which is fair enough since I said to her I don't date either at the moment due to work and studies. After half hour of her and her friends laughing at this guys bad drunkenness and trying to pick them up, he said to the girl can he get her number? She said yes and right in front of me gave him her number, he then leaned over and pulled her hard in to kiss her. Their lips were kissing and she was pulling away but did not push him away, turn her head, or call for help. In front of me... The guy left and she laughed and said she closed her mouth and teeth to stop him kissing her with his drunk breathe. I was in shock as I though we were spending time a lot together, she seemed to like me and I was building trust and stuff with her. We left, I did not hug her goodbye and dropped my friend at home, my friend said she a wild person. I have backed off today at gym considerably, just saying hello. She messaged me twice asking if im ok, and if there a problem i will speak to her. I messaged her back "will do gym buddy, just tired with work and studies, have a great day!". I did this to clearly illustrate our stance as friends (calling her gym and buddy).

I'm hurt, how do I handle this as a man?


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What Girls Said 1

  • ... Into the trash she goes. Pretend that you don't give a shit. Don't even ignore her. Take some other chick -preferably more attractive than her- on a date.

    • Ok im 100% with you, i will remain her freind though, but i have no expectations on the romantic scale.

What Guys Said 1

  • If you don't want to be hurt again, you may should stop spend time with her. But, if you really want some more, you should talk to her and express your feelings. Also, ask her what she really want with you. She may just like you as a partner or friend...

    • Ok thanks, i was thinking of spending less time with her, then moving on to meet other woman, do not like her disrespect as a man, but she may just see me as a freind. Thanks!

    • You're welcome. Just smile and be happy. =)

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