Will he ever text me again?

I've been talking on and off with this guy about hanging out and we finally did a little over a week ago. We ended up having sex and as I was leaving he said that he was gonna be home all summer so we should hang out more. Thing is, he's what you'd call a scumbag just cause he has sex with a lot of girls and lied about having a girlfriend just so he can have sex with others girls.

I haven't talked to him since and I want to know if he ever will. I DO NOT want a relationship with him at all. All I really want from him is sex just because it was SO amazing.

Do you think he'll ever text me again?


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  • well if he's the sorta guy that only wants sex and you only want sex not a relationship tell him that..

    alll guys would only dream of a chick saying I don't want to have a relationship with you I only want sex.

    so just tell him. why does he have to contact you can't you contact him?

    when you get hold of him say how amazing having sex with him was and that you wanna be sex buddys or something. he's bound to respond, its like a dream come true to guys...