Online guy backs out of real life meeting?

OK, so I know shouldn't be Accepting random hook up offers from a stranger online, but he is a really good looking musician...

So this guy contacts me online one day and we start chatting, hit it off, exchange pics, and he starts flirting heavily with me and starts dirty talking to me ( if he wasn't good looking, I would've stopped his advances right away and sign off), and he wants to meet up with me even though he has a girlfriend.

2 days after, I contact him by email to make plans of our meet up and responds by apologizing and saying that his girlfriend found out about our correspondence and his fake email and says he wants to cancel our plans...

He seemed really enthusiastic about meeting up with me and complimented me on a lot of things during our emails...

Could he have just been flying with my heart all the time or did he girlfriend really find out about our email just all of the sudden?

I mean could guys do this, simple act like they are interested and play with your emotions and then cancel the meet up just like that? I'm really hurt, don't know what to think of this...

Any ideas?

On another note, I noticed a pattern that most good looking tall musician guys are noted for their player reputation...


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  • Probably he was just having fun with you. I know girls who do this standing up of guys on an online meeting all the time. They think it's hilarious to watch him wait at the door, getting more and more angry...


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  • always be wary of guys on line. a lot of guys like to play with girls' emotions or just to boost their own self esteem that 'hey a girl likes me' etc.

    online dating can work but it's really rare that it does work out or even the hookup thing, it's hard because you need to take more time to get to know the "real" them.

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