What to do in a situation like this?? Please.

How do I go about continuing dating a girl that does want rush into anything too soon but the feelings are still there? (we're dating and she likes me and enjoys spending time with me) What are some of the do's and don't for this kind of situation?...Like I don't wanna rush anything myself seeing me both not too long came out of relationships that didn't end so well...

...so any advice at all.that on how to carry this on without messing it up?


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  • dont call everyday unless she is calling you daily I would say keep going the way you are now hang out every once in a wile. if she really likes you start getting together more often and keep on going

    • So you're saying don't contact her unless she makes an effort to?

    • I would call every other or 2 days and call and make a date hang out and see what happens

  • Be yourself, have fun don't try to hard, what ever happens happens enjoy the time you do spend together...