First date tips? guys and girls

so I think the question explains it all

but we are going to the cinema, should I offer to pay or what? or should I just let him pay? (but that's kinda mean)

any other tips would be great as well!


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  • On a first date a guy should typically pay. I mean it's only a movie it's not like he's paying for a 3 course meal. I would offer to pay for my ticket but if he offers than accept. He wants to pay for you its a gentlemanly thing to do. At the same time don't assume he's going to pay for everything. Another good thing is if he offers to pay and you accept offer to pay for the popcorn or the drinks. It's only mean if you just assume he is going to pay. Always offer yours and if he insists that he pay for you just be polite and thank him and tell him its really sweet if him. He'll feel good about it.

  • Best tip, bring enough money to pay for yourself. He will hopefully be decent enough to pay without you saying anything but if he just gets a ticket for one you can still pay for yourself. If he doesn't pay on the first date he's probably not the kind of guy you wanna be with sorry to say.