Should I meet him from online?

OK, so there is this guy. I'm 19 he's 23 and we've talked online, texted and talked on the phone for a long time. We've known each other for about a year and a half now. Now, he's from South Carolina and I reside in California. He tells me all the time, that he likes me and everything, and I like him too. I've come to think of him as the friend who will always be there no matter what. But he tells me he loves me all the time. The feelings are totally mutual, but I love him as a friend. So anyway, he told me on Friday if I had any plans this weekend, and I told him I did. He said he's going to be in Vegas with friends and he wants to come pick me up so that I can be with him and we can hang out for a while. He wants to take me to dinner and go paint-balling. It would have been cool, but, I don't know his friends like that. And their all guys that are his age. What if they see me as some immature college chick and they convince him to stop talking to me?So since I never called him back, I don't want him to think I was bullsh*tting him or anything. So what should I do? What if he stops talking to me, because I didn't take the opportunity to hang out with him? Am I being paranoid? Should I call him back or what? Please help me. I'm stuck. I am thinking of my safety, but I really trust him and I'm usually a really good judge of character. Its just his friends..Who I don't know.


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  • The bigger issue here is your relationship with this guy. You've stated multiple times that you only want friendship from him. That's fine, but he says he loves you. Have you told him that you want nothing in the way of a romantic relationship? You need to make that clear with him.

    Next, I would pass on his idea for a meeting. For any first meeting with someone you've never met before from the Internet (and says that he loves you) I would meet in a public place like a Starbucks or something. Yes you've talked with him for the last year and a half, but you still don't know him that well.

    Simply tell him you'd rather not meet that way and suggest maybe next time he's in town you can get together on your own with his friends not tagging along.


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  • The same thing happened with me and I finally met the guy. I also thought about my safety so I decided to bring 2 of my friends along with me, we met at a public place and it was great! I

    If I were you I would ask him if you can bring some girl friends along. If he really wants to pick you up and meet you he wouldn't mind if you bring some friends with you! :) Hope I helped a little! :) And Good Luck! :D

  • Considering that what you are seeing here and what he is seeing are two different things, I would not do this.

    You see him as a friend, he sees you as a romantic partner. That is not a match.

    Further, you don't know him yet. I realize you feel like you do but there are people who play games using the internet to hide behind. You don't really know him, and as you recognize you don't really know his friends.

    When you date from the internet it is important to not have the other person pick you up or otherwise control your safety. You could drive out and meet him for dinner, but having him pick you up is not a good idea.