First kiss!!!

So I like a guy and I love talking to him because he ALWAYS has something to say, he understands me. I don't feel insecure when I'm around him. We chat every night on Facebook and he is such a sweetheart! He lives far about 45 minutes away from me so we can barely see each other.

Anyways I hung out with him yesterday and he kissed me!

But...Now I am just confused about it! when I think about it I feel like I wasn't ready and I don't know if I wanted him to kiss me.

And it was my very first was also his first kiss.

I feel like I'm regretting the kiss. But if I really think about it...I don't know if I really like him or not.

I'm just really confused! And my question is

Is it normal to feel confused after you had your first kiss?

Maybe I did want him to kiss me but since it was my first kiss I feel confused! I really don't know what to think..

If you took the time to read this could you please tell me what you think? :)

I would really appreciate it!


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  • First kisses are usually awkward. I cried after my first kiss because I thought it was gross and tasted like sour cream and onion chips. First kisses aren't really the way we imagine it when we're younger. But trust me when I say you will find a guy that will take your breathe away when you kiss him for the first time and it will feel right. Just don't go around kissing every boy until you find the right one.

    • Yeah it was awkward when he kissed me! It was WAY WAY WAY different then what I thought it would be. And I actually felt like crying because it was my first kiss BUT I didn't cry. It was just weird. Do you think I should kiss him again? Maybe I will actually like it this time. :)

    • If you have feelings for him then I guess you could try it again. If you want to then sure why not but make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. Tell me how it goes if you do.

    • Hey there, I was just going through my profile and the questions I asked and I ended up on this one.

      And since you asked me to tell you how it went, I would like to tell you that after hanging out with him again after our first kiss, I kissed him again and it was amazing. I am currently dating him and it makes me laugh how I once had a doubt about him. I am completely head over heels for this one (: Your answered helped a lot. :)

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  • you both are classic young love...45 minutes too far for love, try me at 12,000 miles for my g/f...anyways, what you need to ask yourself is what was your first thought when he kissed you and not after? go with that...


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