Am I just a summer fling?

Ok well here it goes I met a guy through a few mutual friends and we started dating and I mean we go out every night and I don't mean hanging wit our friends we are alone unless his friend wants to double date lol but any way literally the night after our first date he broke up with his girlfriend now I didn't find this out till just a few days ago but we were talking 1 night and he misunderstood me and thought I was asking him to be mi boyfriend which I wasnt at all lol but whateva he got quiet and said I'm not really ready for a relationship rite now since I just got out of 1 and I told him well I didn't ask you to b my man lol I laughed it off and we moved on now it kinda sucked to be told he didn't want me but what I don't get it why does he sits there and talks about how much he likes me and why does he call me on his break or visit me at work just to eat lunch wit me or even more confusing y is it that he doesn't want sex but has the urge to hold me all the time him (now being a dude he thinks about sex but it only pops up on a I wanna know what you like basis he seems eagar to please lol)and his girlfriend went out for only 4 months and from what he says they did nothing but fight soo anyway back to me and him he has said that he hates that I'm such a cool chick and that he met me rite now what in the hell does that mean now I've dealt with dudes that just want sex but he isn't like that another thing that I find it weird for someone who is just dating 2 makes it seem like I'm his and he's mine he has even said I've found exactly what I want .so why doesn't he want me as a girlfriend is he lying I don't mind datin him but I want the truth and not what he thinks I want to hear sooooo here it is what do you think please and thank you for all your answers lol


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  • I mean some guys get over things quick. So if you really like him and he likes you go out with him.


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