Passionate Kiss poem?

Passionate Kiss

As I glide my fingers into your dark hair

The tingle of your skin seeps kindly as we share

As we slowly turn down the hands of time

Your lips turn soft as well as mine

You close your eyes gently as I followed yours

It feels so real as you yearn for more

We take deeps breaths to be as one…

I love it so.. as well as you hun?

As my hands slowly caress your face

Our lips move together as a warm embrace…

Passionately we became so strong

God..I wish this could be ever so long…

My body slowly melts from the taste of your lips

Really..This can make a grown man do 60 back flips!

I feel you breathe so heavily as I

Cloud 9 I wish we can fly

The top of the world I can see

This universe I believe… we can flee

The moment we made everything stand still..

My eyes slowly met yours as our hearts fill

As time came back to place

Forever I knew our love is fate

As we walk with our hands formed tight

Knowing we’ll have each other all night

I know this kiss will never die

Forever I remember we said our goodbyes…


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  • That's a wonderful poem.