How do you get a guy to kiss you?

We are together but him and I are nervous about our first kiss and I want him to kiss me.


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  • Don't be nervous.. if it doesn't turn out good, just keep trying... You'll get it right eventually.. All it is is your lips touching.. no big deal


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  • That only happens when you ask, or he wants to kiss you...


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  • If you guys haven't kissed yet your probably still googoo eyes for eachother. Like whatever the other person dose, they do it in such a cute way. What you should do is do it casual. First sit side by side on a couch or something. Then just talk let the convo flow. Then just look into his eyes. He will look back into yours. If he doesn't lean in for the kiss while you guys are staring at eachother. Ask him? While still looking at him simply ask in a flirty way, so do you wanna kiss me? You will seem extremely confident and sexy at the same time.