Why hasn't my boyfriend texted me?

I've been going with my boyfriend since my birthday (May 29). Before we got together we were friends and screwed around a few times. We were friends for at least 3 months before I told him I liked him and he told me he liked me too.

After that night, we didn't talk for at least two weeks but we would see each other when he would walk pass my house to work. When we finally did talk, it was the night of my birthday. We talked about a relationship and he said we will work on it. Before he left my house, I asked him how he would introduce me to his friends and he said, "I will tell them you're girlfriend."

Since that night, he hasn't texted or called me. But when someone else calls or texts him, he'll respond or answer. Every morning, I'll text him good morning and nothing.

What should I think? Should I be worried? And why hasn't he responded to my text?


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  • either he has something to hide or he is cheating on you... he is afraid to tell you... you should talk to him about it...