Online "Hook-up" Sites!? Is she begging for more?

So my girlfriend made an account on this site called "Tagged." Apparently it's a place for friends and dating. She didn't fill out the section for relationship. She posted a hot profile picture of her in a bathing suit. She added many guy friends. She joined a chat room, but I have no idea what was spoken. Worst of all she added a guy friend who's profile said that if any girls wanted to see him touch himself and come on webcam they can IM him. MY GIRLFRIEND ASKED FOR HIS IM! She persisted to say that she only wanted it to call him a perv and stuff. She insists that she wants to be with me, even though I want to break up with her because I feel like her inexperience is getting in the way. I feel like it is causing her to become curious what it's like to be with another man. Or maybe I don't satisfy her? I am the only guy she has ever slept with and we have been together for over 8 months. She has only hooked up with one other guy before, besides a middle school kiss or something. She is very inexperienced and I'm wondering why she was doing this. The second she found out I knew about it she deleted it and said it was only for fun. What should I make of this!?!?!?


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  • First off, I'm surprised that site is still around. I heard about it around 2005.

    Now to answer your question:
    She's obviously insecure. She's seeking attention from people on the internet to fulfill it. When you found out, she gladly deleted it. She wants attention, your attention. Although she may not know how to say it, it's what she wants. Note how she hasn't done anything with anyone in real life simply because she cares about you, but she doesn't understand how to go about it. Your problem might be that you all lack communication. If you really care about her sit down and actually talk with her about how confident she feels with you and work on making it better for both of you.

    That's the best idea I have because I'm going through the exact same thing with my boyfriend, but a little more complicated.


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  • You are saying that her inexperience is bothering you.
    Then she probably tried to 'measure up' to you by joining this website.
    Then you found out so she lied about her intentions and made a joke out of it.
    because she's too embarrassed to admit that this is the only way she knew how to 'learn' and overcome her lack of knowledge.
    If you ask me, she really likes you and is willing to go that far to 'live up' to your expectations.
    Also, if you ask me, I'd say you're being a total a-hole for not seeing that she's trying. If you want experienced girls, go find a slut and contract a wide variety of colorful STDs.

    If you are going to break up with her for her efforts to satisfy you in the bedroom and your incapability to communicate with her to work through everything (sex with my first partner was the wildest time of my entire sex life), I wish you the best of luck finding a girl that will go this above and beyond for you.

    • I feel the same way, but I don't understand why she wouldn't ask me for video's or even tell me about the site! I don't know, I'm very confused right now... Couldn't she watch porn or something? We could even watch it together... we're very comfortable around each other.

    • If I were her, I wouldn't have told you because I would have felt embarrassed and so ashamed. Sure it's a new world, but it still is kind of a taboo for girls to openly explore sex in those ways. I think you should compliment on how things she does to you BLOW YOUR MIND - even if its just like a mediocre meh. She'll become more confident ;)

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  • She is either trying to make up for inexperience (which is your fault) or she's fishing for something new.

    Most girlfriends are pretty open so I think you should have tried more things with her and who knows maybe she is just too curious for that to work, but surrounding yourself with horny guys (on a site) is a good first step to cheating. There is only so much she will learn from dirty talk and watching webcams at some point she is going to want to try these new things possibly ride the "new" rides.

    Talk to her and don't b.s. her ask her what you want to know and tell her what you suspect.

  • the fact that you're here asking this question shows that you know what's going on bro...time to break it and move on. It's only time before she cheats on you and hurts you. She didn't fill in the relationship part for a reason...she's looking for someone else right under your nose...cowboy up! If she knows your feelings on it and either doesn't change it or makes excuses for it then you're done.

  • Damn, that sucks. I'd drop my girlfriend in an instant if I found out about this. Let her go.

    • You think that's what I should do? She's never been disloyal to me in any way...

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    • I think your right man. Thanks for the advice

    • I think you should tread carefully. At the very least it should post a red flag.

  • follow your instincts and if you want a good way to break up with a girl go to

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