What's the fastest way for a guy with ZERO dating experience to get a girlfriend?

All in the question.


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  • The BEST way to get good with women is three simple steps.

    1) Spend every waking moment building your social skills.

    That's the number 1 most attractive thing about a man... it's not his looks or his money. It's his social skills. A man who's good with people will ALSO be good with women. It's really that simple.

    When a dude is great at chatting with strangers he'll look relaxed, he'll seem popular, and he'll naturally (overtime) learn to read the body language of others.

    So do this: talk to EVERYONE. Standing in line at the store, ordering a pizza, jogging on the beach, renting videos, waiting for class, etc. If you're shy then start with small talk, "Hey, I missed the news last night, do you have any idea what's going on in New York? I heard something about a bomb?"

    Do this everyday, forever. Believe me, this is the ONE thing EVERY pickup artist does. It helps us calibrate how to tell stories, how to meet strangers, and how to be social.

    2) Once you've figured out how to talk to everyone (this will include that hot chick with the amazing rack) then you're ready for step 2.


    Most men, when they get nervous, want to follow.. not lead. And women notice this. When you start to lead you will automatically stand out from all other guy's she's met that week.

    What does LEADING look like?

    It means you start a conversation. Simple. Easy. That's it. You approach her. You ask her stuff. You laugh at her lame jokes. You say, "You know what? You're not what I expected you'd be like when I first came over here to say hi. I'll tell you what. There's this new dessert place downtown I keep hearing about... wanna meet me there Tuesday after school/work to try their chocolate fondue? Then I can find out if you're as awesome as you seem."

    Lead. Most guys will wait for the "right signal" because they're too scared to lead. Instead it's better to approach, setup a coffee date, then move on. Simple. If she's not interested then it's her loss.

    3) Escalate. The reason most guys never get more then a first date.

    Escalation is like leading. It's your job to continuously, but slowly, escalate the intimacy of the relationship. You MUST touch her. You MUST hold her hand. You MUST hug her and kiss her.

    Once the first kiss is out of the way you're golden. Everything else opens up after that.

    That's it.

    Do these three things and you'll ALWAYS have options thanks to all the girls who find you attractive, cute, fun, and awesome.

    ~ Robby

    Dating Advice Blog ( link )

    • Thanks so much Bobair...I've seen you around this site and you've helped a lot of "nice guys" like me see the light...I might message you or ask more questions later

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    • ... when she's leaning in, tell her a joke, but whisper the punchline in her ear (make her lean in to hear it) so that you give her goose bumps.

      The easiest way to tell if she's ready to be kissed?

      When sitting with her, touch her hair. If she seems comfortable with your hand hear her face and hair, then she's very comfortable. If she kinda leans away, she's not.

      Then lean in a little and look at her eyes, then lips. If she does the same, then kiss her. Easy, right?

    • Excellent, excellent advice. Thanks for taking the time to type all these helpful words. Now I guess it's only a matter of meeting a cool girl, and working up the nerve to do these things : P

      Thanks again! I'll surely come back and let you know if this works out for me.

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  • For God's sake just ask someone out. Most girls are just waiting for guys to make the first move.

    • Thanks, are you also waiting? : )

      Where are some good places to meet girls? I'm neither working or in schooll right now

    • It's not that simple, you don't just go up to a girl and ask her out, you have to spend hours, days or weeks having conversations with her before she considers you a potential boyfriend, it's easier said than done, and often times it can be easy to run out of things to talk about

  • There is no fastest way to get a girlfriend unless she's a slut or a gold-digger.. So go find one. :)

    • Well then let me rephrase the question...how does a guy with ZERO experience find a cool relationship with a nice girl, a girl who complements his personality?

      I know it's not going to take a day, a week, maybe not even enough. I just want to know the fastest way to get to that point. In other words, what things should I be doing/trying?

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    • What more can you do? Keep being yourself and eventually some girl will fall for you. Hmmm, get a nice car, wear more stylish clothing, go work out.. :D

    • "Be yourself" isn't going to get the girl unless it already does.

      Just like "be yourself" won't get you that job as an Architect. Learn how to build buildings, get good at it, then you'll get the job.

      Learn what makes women attracted to men, get good at it, then you can get the girl FAST.

      Why? Because an attractive man is so rare it opens women quickly. No joke.

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  • pay a hooker

    • Ummm...don't think so...

    • I said "girlfriend", not "get laid", so I'd appreciate some serious advice...I know damn well it's going to take more than a day, and it might be harder than I think...I just want to know the fastest way to find a good-quality relationship.

  • I've never had a girlfriend either, it sucks, and I agree with BobAir, it's our social skills, attitude, confidence, mentality, way of thinking, that helps us pull girls. For girls, it's mainly her looks for the most part, and somewhat of a fun personality

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