Is it only for my entertainment?

So I joined a online dating site type of thing

and I got to know this guy really well

and he asked me out and we went out to the movies..and I like him a lot I do..but he basically talks to me like every other week or like once a week and he didn't even reply on my sms after our first date

but recently when I talked to him he asked me out again

but is he playing with me ? and I feel like I'm only trying to date him because of my own entertainment cause I'm a bit lonely at the moment and I need someone to be with ...

why is it that he's always gone..I'm gonna wait and see if he comes around after this weekend ..i think his done with his exams now..


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What Guys Said 1

  • As soon as you wrote "I'm a bit lonely at the moment and I need someone to be with ... " I knew you were being needy. And that's going to scare away any guy.

    Can you blame him? No man wants to hang out with an emotional vampire who takes and takes and doesn't give back. That's what doctors, priests, and parents are for.

    A guy looking for love doesn't want that. He want's a woman who doesn't NEED him, yet still WANTS to be with him.

    I'd suggest leaning on your close friends when you feel lonely. That's what they're good for!

    Leave the online dating for later when you're more interested in connecting and sharing, not taking and acting needy.

    Don't fret, we've all been there.

    ~ Robby

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What Girls Said 1

  • I would ask him why he never responds to you that much. Ask him if he's really interested in you cause it'd make you smile to know.

    I can't really tell you if he's playing with you, but if he was busy with exams, you never really know unless you ask.

    You don't NEED to be with anyone right now, but you want to be with someone. No guy likes a needy girl and I think you should try to make yourself happy or spend more time with your friends so you're not as lonely :)