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She wants to converse and possibly go out on dates to make sure that I'm "the one." Women, please break this down for me cause I don't wanna mess this up. if ya have tips for me then please add them. Thanks...


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  • Are you guys currently going out and she wants to open the relationship? Or is the situation different?

    • If you guys are currently dating, then I would say she just wants to weigh her options. She seems pretty sure that you are "the one," but she wants to see what's out there, possibly date other people, have time to think about it alone without having to worry about the current state of your relationship. This is kinda what I am going through with my bf.

    • Naw we not going out, we are "complicated" (technically single but not really) we still act like we are dating (kissing, cuddling, everything but the title) but she just broke it to me that she wants to talk to guys on the phone and possibly go out on dates and its driving me crazy cause I know I'm "the one."

    • Well if you know you're "the one" then you wouldn't mind letting her "free" for a while and she will come back to you. just be confident and love her in every way possible and grant her more freedom. it will be hard but make sure you don't have any hard feelings for her or she might resent that. maintain your friendship with her while giving her more freedom.

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