Why do so many girls nowadays have control issues?

The date guys of lesser value of their own, like druggies or jerks, and try to mold them into a perfect man and fix them... control issue!

Why not just date a guy that's already good enough for you and that you aren't always telling him what to do all the time? :/


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  • Why would you let a woman try and change who you are, and why would you let a woman tell you what to do all the time? A jerk isn't going to care if you tell him what to do, because he won't do it end of story, and a drug addict well your just asking for trouble if you date one of them.

    No chick that I have dated have tried to tell me what I can and can't do, if she did I would just laugh at her and continue to do whatever I wanted. No chick has tried to mold me into anything either. The guys who get walked on by chicks are the ones who are letting them get away with it, and if you let that happen well then it's your own fault when a chicks tries to tell you what to do or to change you into someone your not.

    • Yeah, us guys are supposed to be the leader unfortuneately

    • Damn right we are supposed to be leaders, and the sad part is some guys get so p**** whipped, they can't even sneeze without their girlfriend or wife knowing about it.

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  • You don't buy pre-built Lego.

    • That's a load of garbage... you're dealing with a human being that makes their own choices on how to live their life. they're not some..."toy". If you don't like them for who they are, leave them be and look for someone that you DO like for who they are.

      guys don't want a mother that tells them what to do and how to act and how to be... they want a girlfriend that will respect them and will support them for who they are and the choices they make. if you can't do that, he's not the one.

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    • Maybe girl pick other reasons too, but I'm just saying sometimes it's deeper than just what you take it as. There's more than just her being a selfish bitch. And guys just as often try taking girls and making them something they're not originally.

    • But that IS who they are... that's how they choose to live their life, that's who they are. If you cared about them, you'd let them go, and why do ya gotta date them to "help" them... be their friends and try to help them, but take what you deserve, let them go, and find someone worth your time.

      As a guy, I go for a classy, put-together girl without such issues... I don't want that crap in my life. and I have no pity for those who choose that for themselves. that's their problem. I want better

  • guys who a girl chooses to date is usually directly proportional to how she was treated in her childhood by her father


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  • Hello,

    as best I've been able to work out.. women like to chase and change.. it seems to be in there nature to take somthing that's broke and try to fix it.. now guys who act like jerks are a challange to women and are very unpredictable with women find very atractive.. now some women are just nuts and will go for guys who are agressive and dangerous (I would stay clear of these girls)..

    the end game is this.. women want a cave man so they can clean him up and put him in a little box.. the prob is once they have there "perfect man", they get bored becouse they've turned him into eery other guy theyve been woth and got rid of the reason they wanted him in the first place..

    its a sad irony but a lot of breakups happen becouse the girl gets the man she thinks she wants out of the guy she actually wanted.. lets this be a lesson guys.. as hard as it sounds DONT CHANGE.. stay a challange and she will stay interested..

    Good Luck


  • Why are girls addicted to daytime soap operas, because they love the drama, nice guys are perfect, reliable, and well boring...