Why can't my man be real about if he still wants me!? LONG POST!

So I've been with my man for almost 5 years off and on, But recently I snapped on him because I was irritated that he took his mom grocery shopping when the weekend before, thee was HARDLY any food and his house while I was there, I got on him about that , I also said something about a possible STD (he has a bump on his d***) I had noticed it for a few months but was SO scarred and thought he'd bring it up He never did. So than we talked worked it out but I guess he was REALLY mad because he hadn't texted me back or EVEN called me than whole day and on Friday the same thing I was A MESS, crying, texting him,screaming,throwing things I was thinking the worse,He FINALLY called me this morn, left a VM to have lunch with him. I was going to, but was busy with my dad So later I texted him and told him how bad he made me feel a, he's going make it up to me he NEVER replied! so I called him ALL he talked about was the car, I got home and he kept going back in forth first saying he loves me so much but I'm nagging him, or he doesn't like me yelling at him I'm Just trying to get him to see how bad he hurt me.He said he's going have to watch Disney movies to get romantic ideas and we are Energetic have a good relationship and he's with me sexually, emotionally, mentally.We talked and he was acting funny but he said earlier that we are going to be together for I have to listen to him, and RELAX which I said okay, but he would than hangup on me over nothing like 3 times and the conversation. It was RUDE and weird than he said I couldn't sleepover because he had to get up early and go to Church..and that we should "take it slow" I was Shocked at this, so then he got mad because I was questioning him and hung up on me. I got tired of his BS and didn't call him back. what is going on with him? It's like one minute he's all lovey dovey and than he's hanging up on me. I love him with all my heart he always comes back but I'm worried. But I also am tied of his sh*t..


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  • I think you might be stressing him out. o.o

    First of all, if you're gonna tell him how you're feeling, or how he made you feel, it's never a good idea to be aggressive. Unless he seriously F***S UP, which I honestly don't think he did.

    Don't get all angry with him, don't yell. Stay calm and just talk to him. If you manage to stay calm, he'll try to understand you and listen more, which is good.

    Oh and try not to question him so much. It makes us think that you don't trust us.

    • I know I messed up with that, but he wasn't being sensitive to how he made me feel and I fell like I can't go back now . We WERE SUPPOSED to talk in PERSON but it didn't work out. I just wanna work things out like before.

  • He is acting weird, nervous, guilty maybe, could be cheating or thinking about it, he is confused and needs time to think things through give him some space and let him work it out then he will come back to you...


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