Is he blowing me off?

We usually call each other daily. I think I call slightly more than him, maybe like a 58-42 relationship. But lately, he hasn't called me back. He came to see me on Sunday (Today is Thursday) and he called me Sunday to let me know he made it home, we talked for a while later on that evening, and things seemed fine. I called Monday, and he told me he was trying to chase his friend down and would call me back, he hasn't. I didn't call him at all Tuesday, and he didn't call me. I called him last night and no one answered his cell, and some guy answered the house and told me my guy was in the bathroom.My guy didn't call me back. Do I call him again at all? Or is he sending me a message coward style?

*In his defense, I know his tonsils were swollen last Friday, and maybe it's happening again (it happens with allergy season).


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  • That is a total blowoff. But it may not be for the reasons you think. Firstly, guys just don't like to talk on the phone the way that girls do. Most guys are being EXTREMELY giving and caring when they stay on the phone with a girl for any length of time and there isn't a business purpose to the call.

    Guys tire of the constant calls after a while and then they start to blow us off. Then they come back, talk on the phone a bit, then blow us off again.

    Back off. Don't call him at all. Wait for him to call you and see what happens. And when you do talk to him, keep in mind that he probably feels like his paw is stuck in a trap and is starting to gnaw it off. When is he gnawing, you may ask? If you are doing all the talking without any of the usual conversation back and forth. He has to actively participate in the talk and him giving you the "uh huh" and "yep" phrases do not qualify. Then switch the conversation to him and ask him questions that may get him to talk. If it doesn't work, then tell him he seems to not be in the mood to talk or he seems busy and you'll talk to him later and get off the phone. Now here is the most important point. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY SORT OF ATTITUDE IN YOUR VOICE WHEN YOU DO THIS! This will lead you down a complicated path as detailed below.

    Either he will cave to your disappointment and give you a sympathy conversation, which is a nice gesture but no one wants to talk to someone who doesn't want to talk to them.

    Or, he will say "ok" and get off the phone which will hurt your feelings because that means he doesn't care THAT MUCH about you, which you may not be ready to find that out yet.

    I know I have made this WAY to long but I hope it helps.

    Good luck!


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  • Sorry to say.but he's definitely sending you a message. If it were just one night of not calling then I would say not to worry. But since you've tried to get a hold of him like 3 times and he keeps making sounds like a problem. Easily fixed though. You've done what you can (called, left messages, told a friend to have him call you, etc.) Now the ball is in his court. Do not call him or anything. Simply wait until he calls you. If he doesn't, you know the relationship should be ended. But more often than not he's going to be wondering where you've been and why you haven't been chasing him like usual. And in the future, I would suggest that you make it a 50-50 or him giving a little more in the relationship when it comes to calling. So you'll never have to wonder about his feelings.

  • Eeeek! Sounds to me like someone is blowing you off! Regardless whether his tonsils hurt or not he will find many ways to try to get in touch with you, even if it means surprising you by visiting you.

    I say just try not to pay that much attention to him. He obviously likes the chase. It's almost making you seem desperate, don't let him do that to you!

    My advice talk to other guys and just have fun! Don't take him seriously because it's obvious he's not!

  • nope don't call him at all wait till he calls you!

    You don't deserve a dumb guy playing phone tag with you.its just so frikin sad how guys can't be straight forward with things hella immature !

  • Hmm. I don't know. Try and stay cool. Even if you are ill you can send a text if you are unable to talk. So that is no excuse really!

    I would wait. If I were you. Its quite rude to not do what you promise. As hard as it is stay strong and wait!

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