I am so confused?

Hello People!

Just wondered if you could help me...When I was working a year ago a friends friend saw me coming out of work and he asked her to get my number. I gave it to her and when we first spoke by text and he asked me on a date I was so nervous (and just split from my ex which was difficult) that I made an excuse. Anyway the guy was cool about it and we still text every now and then. After about a month or so had met another guy, it wasn't serious or anything its just a drunken thing that every time we saw each other we would be out etc. his certain guy wanted to get a bit more serious and I was not sure and still saw him. So the first guy who I stiched on a date wanted to take me out, I was honest and said I was seeing someone else and he understood. Anyway things didn't work out with the other guy I didn't want anything serious and backed away. A few months later I went out on a date with the first guy, he was really sweet and paid for everything even if I was uncomfortable with that. I heard after the date from a friend that he told his work mate I was a bit too full on in the taxi home, I don't think I was. I asked him and told him I was upset about him discussing anything with a work mate.He pleaded for forgiveness and told me he did not say what was said, so I forgave him. We went out on another date and he paid again, told him I didn't like it, but he said he wanted to etc. That night he said in Punjabi something I didn't know, he said it meant 'i love you' and so I panicked and said it was late and had to go. He text me the next day and asked what would happen between us and I said as he knew I had just come out a relationship and wanting to take things slow as I didn't want him to just be a rebound and wanted to be settled in myself. He was fine with it and then a few days later had a go at me by text saying I treated him like a mug paying for things etc. I said he was being ridiculous and couldn't believe he said that etc. I ignored him for 2 weeks and he text me asking how I was. we have been talking again by text and he dragged me out one night and we spoke and chatted and it was really good...he asked me 'what do you want to happen with us?' and I asked 'what he wanted', he said to be more than friends and I said okay, lets see what happens but we need to see each other more etc. He said he wanted to spend the next Sunday with me and would be in contact and he never did, but text me the next day just like normal and said he forgot and thought I was doing something. I finally realized I wanted to be with this guy as he is very nice, I just read some comments on his Facebook wall from other older woman, one of which he calls a 'cougar' and she seems to flirt with him and say 'i know you like cougars you made that clear when you met me' and another woman saying she loves their chats it makes her ridiculously smile. I asked him what was going on and if he's a player and wot he wants, now he says he wants to take things slow + single so wot? advice


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  • I wouldn't think he is a player. If he wasn't interested in you I don't think he would keep up the effort if he has other women who stay in contact eith him on the regular. Although this doesn't mean you shouldn't let your guard down either. Good luck.


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  • no he is not a player !

    its just a Facebook chat

    and he really likes you

    soo ya should give him a chance :))

    hope I helped you xd

    oh could you please answer my question {on the man that stares at me } its on my profile thank you :))