He made a big deal out of nothing.

The first time we went out to eat, he abruptly said "I didn't bring money with me" =/ so I paid for everything.. I was fine with it..

And when he asked to go out to eat again, I said why not, maybe this time he'll pay.. And when the check came I grabbed it and look at how much it was and set it back down (I reached into my purse, obviously), then he looked at it and got out his wallet and started to grumble something.. He paid. I said "Okay, thank you :)" but then later he flipped out "It's so expensive and I barely ate anything, you owe me"

Then he asked me the next day that he really likes me and would like to go out..

I don't like him, after what has happen.. Guys need to pay on the first date, that was an instant turn off and on top of that he told me I owe him..

I understand there's no nice way to turn a guy down but is there a way to turn him down in a way that no means NO.. Because some guys do take no as a yes.. -__-" Thanks. :)


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  • well first off I'd just like to say that guys don't NEED to pay on the first date, at the very least go dutch. I personally always pay for the girl I'm with but it's a choice not a rule. I do think he should have payed though, don't get me wrong. I kind of laughed at the "you owe me part" what the hell is he thinking? Just tell him you're not interested don't beat around the bush. I personally rather the cold hard truth. If you flat out tell him you're not interested it won't keep him around and guessing.

    • Well, I personally think they 'need' too when they offer to take you out.. You know? Yeah, I don't plan on leading him on to anything.. Thanks.

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  • u are right, if you ask someone out you should be ready to take care of the bill, he ask you out the first time then came up with the excuse of not having money? that should have been a warning already lol

  • That's pretty amazing you paid for the first date and was stilll cool about it.

    I'm single, lonely and dating. I spend around $200 to $300 on dates. I know its my job to pay (despite politically correctness in this world...feminists still like paid for meals :) )

    In this situation you are completely right (as long as you didn't leave anything out of your story). You should NOT be into this guy. However a lot of girls take handouts and go on dates with guys they have ZERO attraction in...but they'll take the meal! :)

    I think this guy might have been rubbed the wrong way before...but he needs to be more tactful...ALOT more tactful.


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