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So it was my first kiss! but he didn't know that. basically all my friends have had boyfriends before but I haven't. and well, being 15 and never had a boyfriend is unacceptable. I'm afraid my mom might find out so every time a guy asks me out I refuse. but I've been telling my friends I have a boyfriend since 8th grade and casually break up with them. so yeah. I was having my first kiss by this guy I think I love. so we kept flirting till he leaned in and I kissed him. it was like 5 sec when I realized he wanted to french kiss. so when he started to I was completely grossed out because not only was it my first kiss and it felt weird but he wanted to stick his tongue in my mouth . I quickly stopped and accidentally blurted out you're gross or that was gross. either one don't quite remember! ugh so like now I don't know what to say. I just texted him that I was sorry and I didn't mean that but he was so sincere and was like nah I don't want to hear about it you hurt my feelings lol. ugh but I really do like him a lot. so what do I say I want him back! by the way, he thinks I have a boyfriend , he actually truly has a girlfriend. and before we kissed he was like are you loyal? and I said depends cause well actually I don't have a boyfriends and really wanna kiss him. and then he said well I'm not. also, he lives in another city several hours away but his parents are family friends and well they come basically every other weekend .


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  • ok 1st what the heck is your problem girl you never lie to the person about being taken. Also some people don't kiss with tongue so maybe your need a guy who doesn't since it grosses you out. Also since he has a girlfriend hello BACK OFF. Guys who have girlfriend but still talk to other girls just want to use you for something else they don't truly love you or care for you. I know you want him back so my advice is give him space for a while. Also tell him that it was ur 1st kiss he should understand and if he doesn't than move on to someone else. And stop liein to your friends , maybe if they knew the truth you could be talking to them right now and they could help you. My friends always help me because I tell them what's going on in my life. Lieing is bad not sayin I'm perfect but just don't lie to boy friends or even best friends because they will find out about it and you could lose both.

    • I lied to him about being taken because he had a girlfriend and he kept flirting with me. but I guess he didn't really care:( I know guys who do that to their girlfriend don't really care about the other girl but I can't help it I like him a LOT! he asked me to be his girlfriend before he went out with her like 4 times. but I was scared since I never had a boyfriend so I kept saying no. I can't tell him it was my first kiss because my friends would deny it ugh :(

    • You can't try and justifiy why you lied to him by saying that you wanted him to leave you alone. If you wanted him to leave you alone than you would have found better ways other than lieing. The fact that you show no care for the girl he is dating lets guys just walk all over you. If he can play he girlfriend than it will be just as easy for him to play you. Your fear of dating is nonsense dating is the same as liking someone the only difference is the actual title.

    • Well I'm afraid my mom might find out and I get sent to another country.but yes you're right his really dishonest and I was just the same way :(

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  • well...why did you do that? anyway... being 15 and not having a boyfriend is not the end of the world and about the situation with this guy... I think you should tell him what you just wrote here... if you're honest he's gonna understand because this is the only logical reason you have to explain what you did. I can't think of any other way to explain your reaction, tell hom the truth but only... if you really trust him because some guys just go around telling everything to anyone, I understand that it would be really embarassing to let the world know it was your first kiss and you screwed it up in such a way! so if you're not sure if the boy is gonna understand and keep it as a secret between you and him then you better don't tell him and let him go... he is not the only guy you will meet and off course... not the best, so if you trust him tell him the truth but if you dont...apologize but be very careful, if you know what I mean

    • Hmm well I did it because I thought I was thinking it but I actually blurted it out :( but the thing is that he probably wouldn't believe me because all my friends think I've had boyfriends

  • he sounds like a mean dude...next time you see him, though...kiss him..make out...then french kiss him, even though you think it's putridly gross. It'll say sorry and then some.

    • Hmmm I was thinking about doing this but I'm afraid he might stop me or worse tell me it was gross ! since that's what I told him .

    • Well..if he wanted you back TRULY, then he would'nt do that to you (that would be SOO mean!!!)... and if he stops you, then he stops you....i mean its kinda your only choice since he won't talk to you

  • TELL THE TRUTH. You're only 15.. I'm 20 and have never had a boyfriend or been kissed. Believe me, you'd rather him know it was new to you and you were unsure of how to react than have him think you think he's gross.