In 3 weeks can I get him to like me?

I think the guy who sits next to me in my computer class is kinda cute but I don't know how to start talking to him.

The problem is that we only have 3 weeks left and I am scared that I may waste my time.

How do I get him to talk to me?


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  • is he good with computers, try asking for help and see where that goes...if he takes this cue then he will go with it and hopefully you shouldn't have to do much...if he doesn't say much, then he's either shy or not interested...relationships are not limited by time but, personality chemistry


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  • Your in class together? ask for help, odd's are he will say yes and try to help then trow in a coment like "your good at this!" something like that that will get you to talk to him =] that's your "icebraker" then from there on you have a reson to talk to him =] but 3 weeks is good enought to get to know him if you want do date of try to get to know him better don't rush ok :P

    i hope it helped

    good luck!

  • You have to talk to him - that'll also increase any chances with him, guys like a confident girl.


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