When you are first meeting a person how do you make it less awkward?

When you first meet a person, say if you met online or a blind date, how do you make it less awkward?


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  • It shouldn't be awkward. Be yourself and stay calm. Try not to think about what they must be thinking. When you notice yourself doing that try to pull yourself out of your own thoughts and back to reality.

    Also, do something you both find interesting. why do you think so many people go out to eat on a first date? Because at least you can discuss the food and service!

    Make sure you compliment them. Don't think about it too long. Be spontaneous!

  • make a joke, if you can't think of anything funny, make fun of yourself. it will break the tension. When you first meet the person you can make a joke by introducing yourself, then taking their hand and putting it on your face, and they will ask what you are doing or be polite and just look at your funny, you wait until it is even more awkward and then say, "I thought this was a blind date, where is your cane"


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