Girls, what would you do if?

Some hot guy came up to you during your job, flirted with you, then gave you a surprising quick kiss on the lips?

w/e the situation, it would be some story to talk about.

  • Call police
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  • Be in utter shock/surprise
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  • Get mad
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  • Hook up with him
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  • Well, if he was a complete stranger, I think it's extremely rude, creepy, and presumptuous to go up and kiss a girl at random, and particularly if she's in her place of work. Plus, you run a chance of getting her fired. Yeah, in my opinion, not acceptable.

    • Actually, to expand on my answer a little..

      Like, if you work in retail or something, your coworker or boss might see and telling them that he was a random stranger who just came up and kissed you might be pretty unbelievable and get you into trouble.

      Myself, I'm a nurse, so if a patient or patient's family member did that.. well, it's extremely unprofessional and definitely crossing boundaries. Plus, I don't want your sicky germs. :P

    • Its not unprofessional if the guy did it... I mean she had no control over it.

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  • Wouldn't be too surprised, guys have groped me on the job before (I work at a pool as a lifeguard/swim instructor), but I wouldn't hesitate in knocking his lights out then walking away to file an accident report, some random cocky ass kid walked right into a wall. I've got a pretty nice left jab. My hook isn't too bad, but only works really well if I've got my rings on.

  • If he had sweet intentions I would be a little impressed that he was that bold. Its those kind of things that girls wish a guy would but know he wont. I would be flattered and probably ask for his number or ask him out. Just my opinion lol hope it helped :)

  • i would be really surprised but it would be a good surprise.

    i would get his number and talk to him a while.

    eventually I would hook up with him depending how hot he is.


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