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Why won't he ask me out (but dating also terrifies me)?

I'm pretty sure that the guy I'm interested in. likes me back. We study together, when we hang out with friends he'll sit by me, and he's touched me on the arm, etc. or not moved if we're sitting next to each other and our legs/arms touch (and I've done similar things). Despite this, he hasn't made any romantic moves or asked me out? How can I make sure he knows I'm interested and get him to ask me out?

Part 2 of this question is that even though I'm 18, I've never kissed anyone or had a boyfriend. My crush, on the other hand, had a girlfriend in high school and a very brief friends with benefits relationship with a girl from one of his classes first semester. Basically, this difference in experience, both sexual and just relationship experience in general, really scares me. I want to date him, but the thought of it is also really terrifying, and I'm afraid I'll scare him off. Also, I can't help feeling like even though I like him a lot, a relationship wouldn't be worth it since first relationships rarely last. How can I overcome these fears and feel comfortable living in the moment and not worrying about whether or not things will work out in the end?
Why won't he ask me out (but dating also terrifies me)?
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