How do you choose?

Do I choose or do I let cupid do the work? I feel I need to choose between 6 women before I'm left without any. There are 6 woman in my life that are completely different from each other. This is what makes if really hard. Each bring something different.


Girl#1-Attraction, romantic, domestic and loves me to death/battling with drug addiction, lack of work ethics and a5 year old child.

Girl#2-affectionate, We are in sync with our thoughts and personalities, loves me to death, masters degree/not so attractive, 5 year old kid.

Girl#3-Good sound and sheltered, good girl, degree/ not so attractive, bossy and our personalities are still trying to mesh as friends. I got worked that she's liked me for a very long time and is ready to start a family.

Girl#4-Attractive, Smart, Funny, self efficient, drive to fall ahead/she was bi-sexual when we became friends, now she wants to jump back over the fence and give it a second chance because she really digs me, That makes me very nervous, She comes from money and has lots of it. It would kill me if she threw that in my face if we ever argued.

*The last two are out of the country and met them on vacation. In my dad's home town. Good family's background, true to their men but I would carry the load for a long time till they got used to the culture here in the States. Very, Very good looking and young-mid 20's

Just your thoughts.


What Girls Said 1

  • Girl one has a drug addiction, and bad work ethics, that's a deal breaker. She can't be good for anyone until she works out her issues. Girl 3 is bossy and you say you're still trying to mesh as friends, that means you will have a big problem messing as more, deal breaker. You need a partner not a boss. Girl 4 sounds high maintenance. Any girl like that is going to be a big problem and always run home to the parents when she gets p*ssed off. The last two are out of the country, they don't even need to be on the list. They prob just want a green card, (I'm married to a man from Honduras, I see it all the time, his nieces and cousins get married to come here then after a few months leave the guy to go find their boyfriends who are already here in the US. Waiting for them) Girl 2 fits you in every way. What's wrong with you. It's shouldn't even be a question. Yeah she has a kid, that doesn't mean anything. Not so attractive, SO WHAT. Looks fade. Think about it, when you're old and gray you both will be ugly. Don't you want someone to spend your retirement with that will be your other half, not some used to be pretty face that you have nothing in common with?


What Guys Said 1

  • My analysis from your descriptions:

    Girl #1: baggage and lazy: stay away; you can be friends with her and treat her as a community service project.

    Girl#2: baggage and moderate looks; good work ethics; good girl for the average guy, but you're not just the average guy are you?

    Girl #3: forget about it...

    Girl#4: Preferred option

    Girl #5 and Girl #6: Good options

    You need to ask yourself what you want. Since you are 30 to 35, you must make a decent amount of money or pretty solid in your career. Forget about girl number one and number 3. If you are looking for a hot wife, go with Girl number 5 or 6.

    The best option is Girl number 4 since she is hot, has money ( not a gold digger), and works.