Is He A Stage Five Clinger?

So I met a guy like two years ago off MySpace and the last time I talked to him he was constantly texting me like crazy mind you I'm 22 and he's in his 30's, So last week I was trying on clothes at the mall and my cell phone was on vibrate and so I did not know he had texted me he then proceeded to call me four times I eventually answered his call and he just went off on me I still went on a date with him a week ago and he's not as crazy but should I be worried about him?


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  • I think I would be concerned. Unless his reason for calling was something urgent, there's no reason to call that many times in a row, and certainly no reason to "go off" on you. If he assumed that you were just ignoring his calls on purpose, then he likely has some insecurity issues that he needs to deal with.

    • That's what I thought too which is kind of sad for someone who is in his 30's