Texting Predicament?

I don't know if I'm being over-analytical but what would you suggest?

The situation;

- on my way home from a road trip, I texted my guy of interest to touch base. I haven't been in contact for about three days.

- the day I get back, we continue our texting...they were kind of pointless texts, such as, "what are you doing?" "oh working on my truck", "what's wrong with your truck?" etc... I was kind of hoping he'd see if we could get together.

- but since I dislike "chatting" through texts, and I'm the kind of girl that goes for what she wants, I decided that maybe we should get together and sent the following;

"Nice! Well, if you have free time today, let's get together to catch up on our weekend shenanigans!"

He hasn't texted me since. It's nearly been 24 hours.

I was just wondering; was he making a point; not interested in me anymore? Too many texts from her? Or did he see that text message as a "end" to our series of texting? If it's the latter, then would it be okay to text him again today at some point?

Would like to know what the majority thinks of this. I'm embarrassed to say that this has been stressing me out a little, but I figured it's better to be here, then to be really stupid and text him when I really shouldn't anymore.


Thanks for your thoughts!
He ended up replying. But I've already made up my mind haha. I gave him an out, so... if he was still interested, he's bite, otherwise, he'd bow out. Thanks for your thoughts again! They helped calm me down.


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  • by choosing to communicate thru texts and not phone calls this is simply something you are allowing yourself to be subjected to. a lot of people don't really take texts, or anything said in text, seriously. I know I dont. pick up the phone and call.


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  • Yea, him not responding to that text is a bad sign :(.


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  • This is one of th reasons why texts can be confusing because sometimes when you text you don't know when the conversation has ended lol and it can be stressful. Him not responding to ur text can be several reasons. He could have been busy, felt that the convo was over, or just didin't feel the need to respond. I have been in this situation before. But my advice would be to not text him back and see if he texts you. If he hasn't texted you in a wk then you can text him. In the meantime try to keep busy and not stress ova it.

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