Bad date?

So this happened years ago, but I just thought it would be cool to get responses. Girls would you ever bring a cell phone with you to a date? Not in your purse but just have it sitting their on the dinner table and be answering texts? Then I say why don't you put the phone away. She says oh its just my gf's checking up on me. Then some random guy I never met is standing behind our table I notice her eyes aren't looking at me but behind me. I turn around and see the dude. I look back at her and she is still looking at him and does a little boob shake. Umm gee should I have been mad? Oh he's just a friend she said. LOL! She then calls me insecure. Well I thought why didn't you introduce me to your good bud bud LOL! This is me laughing right now by the way. Before this happened she said she was used to dating bigger more muscular guys. LOL! Ladies never ever ever! do this if you actually liked the guy you went on a date with. I can't believe she wondered why and told me she couldn't ever find a good guy, just jerks LOL! Well that's my random date gone bad story for the evening.


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  • You should have gotten up, walked out of the restaurant, and leave that bitch behind.

    • I did and I'm still awe struck to this day as to why she thought she did nothing wrong. Tried to tell me I was insecure. then to top it off on her face book page the next day we were supposed to have gone to a concert together she decides to post 10 or more pics of her making out and dancing with random dudes.I think she had the issues :)

    • She is what the experts call an "attention whore" and a solid gold digger. I bet she would have ditched you at the concert. You would have been her chauffeur.

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  • wow I'm sorry.. that really is a horrible date ! she seems a little ridiculous.. I wouldn't of put up with that

    • Its all good. Yeah she was still 7 or 8 years old in her brain haha.. I'm always going to go after attractive girls. I just have to cross my fingers and say a prayer that they are actually cool, humble, and have a damn personality. I live in DC so its kinda snobby around here.

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  • Please tell me you didn't pay for the date...

    • Oh hell no I paid for my drinks and said I was leaving