Is 16 too young?

I met this boy, he's 20 and we definitely have a 'thing' and we've been going out for months now, but my age is a definite barrier from us going any further. I'm nearly 17 but even so is this still too young?


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  • Naw, it's fine. Don't worry about it, but you might want to keep it a secret if you two start getting intimate to the point where sex is getting involved. Other people might not have the same point of view and think it's wrong. If you ask me, anyone who opposes to a 20 year old being together with a 16 year old, is very close-minded. There are plenty of older couples out there with more than 5 years apart from each other, but just because one of them is a teenager, suddenly it's a big f***ing deal?


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  • not really,

    i am just terrified of the possibility of being charged with "underage assault" !

  • yes its kinda young. 18 is the minimum a 20 yearold should be dating


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