What's a good place to go when you hang with a guy for the first time?

I finally got the guts to ask the guy I like to hang out. The problem is, I don't know what we should do and either does he. I was thinking something like a movie, but do you think there is something else I can that would be better?

I don't know him that well so I don't really know what he likes to do. And it's not a date (yet he he :3), we are just hanging out.


EDIT - Thanks for the help everyone...unfortunately, I was stood up. He ignored and avoided me the whole day. I should have known it was too good to be true. :/


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  • Congratulations! :) I think a movie is a good idea since you guys are just hanging out as friends. Try to find out what kind of movie he likes and see if you can go see something you both like. Also, I think you should add something that allows interaction and get to know each other. You could maybe go for lunch or ice cream before or after the movie or you can hit the arcades or something. Or if you both like, you guys could go bowling instead. Good luck :)


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  • I got stood up by this guy that I'd previously talked to on the phone. He said he's tell me how he felt about me when we met in person, but he brought a friend with him and ended up ignoring me. I think it's just as bad as if he stood me up. But my advice is that you try and see what's wrong without seeming nosy. If you really like him anyways.

    • I'm sorry :( Guys are jerks..

      The problem is though is that school has ended and I don't have his number..I guess I'll never know :/ It's killing me inside.

  • Go bowling, or play pool, go to an amusement park, go to like an arcade