Do Korean boys date out of their race?

I've been totally infatuated with this Korean guy for the longest time and he's so hot and girls from every race like him. I am Bengali and I am a pretty hot girl myself open to dating any race and I get a lot of attention from every guy including him but he can't date me because his parents forbid him to date out of race.. what should I do?


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  • unless you want to experience what romeo and juliet had then do it but, in the end koreans tend to respect their parents in the end, because of the inheritance factor...i'm asian but, not korean, and I even found it difficult to date korean women but, it does happen...

    • What if its true love though? like my parents forbid it but I love him I decide not to care. why can't he? if he really loved me!

    • It's called reality...what your talking about cannot happen unless one of you is independent enough to be free of parental control and that happens later in life...up until your 30s there are at least 3-5 life changes that a person will go thru and people tend to you think love in high school will be the same 10 years later on? it might, I was fortunate to have been the special exception and I hope you still see hope in that

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