Do you think he will text or call (not just a one night stand Q)?

Here's the deal:

-Met a guy Sunday night at a party and fooled around a little

-Called me the next day, asked if I wanted to come over, I did, we watched movies, had sex, he told me I wasn't like any other girl he'd ever met

-The next day, I got 4 missed calls and a text from him, (I wasn't expecting him to do anything) he said he wanted to see me again

-Took me to the movies last night, we made out a little, he drove me home, kissed me very sweetly and said goodnight

What do you think? Will he talk to me again, or should I text him in a couple of days?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Time will tell, if a guy is into you he will call, ask you out, make time for you etc..


What Girls Said 1

  • Give him some time, from your description it seems like he likes you...Wait a couple of days and CALL him (no texts, calls are always more personal)