To text or to call, that is the question!

Hi all, so I asked this girl out, got her number, and told her I'll text her to fix the date. We had been flirting for a few weeks (without ever saying a word), and when I asked her out, that was the first time we ever spoke! Anyway, she agreed, saying any time after Friday (which is when her exams end).

So I asked her out on Monday, and now it's Thursday. Should I text her as I said I would? Or should I call her? and why?


PS: I haven't contacted her since Monday

I called her and proposed Sunday, but she said any weekday would be find since she wants to rest a day or two after exams. Does anyone know why a girl would delay the date, if there is no genuine reason involved? just wondering..


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  • everyone says call, but it just depends on the girl and if you've only talked to her once to ask her out you really wouldn't know. this girl I'm currently dating, all we do is text, I don't think I've called her once, we both work alllll day and work early. so in my situation texts are ideal, you can flirt more in texts than 1 conversation and for things like confirming a date and time, texts are also the best. when we do go out, we don't run out of things to talk about and its not awkward just cause we never talk on the phone. in my opnion that's just the way our society is these days, more into texting than calling. so many people hate phone calls. but anyways just find out which she prefers and do that haha.


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  • i think that you should call her since her exams are over. in my opinion,texts from guys seem like they are busy and don't really want to have a lot of commitment to the conversations w the girl. I personally like calls because I get to hear his voice,his real reactions to what I say and stuff. it shows a girl you have the time for her in ur life,even if its something sily like you forgot something at his house or catever. you knw? hope this helps(:

  • You should call her... Messages are the best way to state something, or share an information, in other words to say something that doesn't necessarily need an answer...Since you want to find out if you two will meet, calling her is the best and most effective way

    • I already got the answer to whether she wants to meet with me for a coffee or not. I asked her out right then, and she said yes. The text thing I told her about was to confirm the day and timing...

      So if I understand correctly, I should call her even if I want to confirm the day and time for the date?

    • Yes!!!Just do it!! Let me know how it goes!!!

    • I did. check update!

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  • If you call, you can chit chat about some things, texting is good but limited and requries waiting for a reply, she might have a preference for one or the other, as do you, do what you feel is best or easiest...

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