Did he shut me out? Please read!

My ex and I recently started talking, and we texted each other non stop for about 3 days. He kept telling me how pretty he thought that I was, and how he really wanted to hang out with me soon. We really flirted a lot and I really like him and want to go back out with him, but I don't know if he's interested. I wouldn't think that if he wasn't interested he would tell me how pretty he thought I was-he even made a joke and said that we should get married. Anyways Monday night we were talking and he told me he would text me. He hasn't texted me and its Thursday..and I texted him and didn't get a reply, then I called him and got some weird message about how the number I called was not reachable. What do you thinks going on and do you think that he likes me again or am I just being stupid? And if he does like me..why hasn't he gotten in touch with me? Help please!


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  • he's maybe busy but, he should of at least notified you why he would not be available...this may be a bad sign at least for how well communication will work out between the 2 of you should you go out...probably something to talk about before going any further

    • Yeah defintely I mean I really don't understand why he hasn't gotten in touch with me..do you think maybe he just cant?

    • He might have drama in his life that may not be good for you depending on what that is

    • I know that he does work, but I just can't understand why his phone isn't working and why he hasn't gotten in touch with me-and he told me that he would text me, so maybe something happened? I don't know :( Thanks so much for your advice though, it means a lot to me

  • you are not stupid, he is and immature. I say blow it off and move on, he changes his number so you can't call him vs him telling you that he doesn't want any more contact from you,

    leave him be and be yourself for the moment.

    • But I don't think he changed his number, I think that's what his phone says when its out of service because its done that before, I just haven't been able to get a hold of him in days

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