Guys, why would you wanna kiss one particular girl?

He said he wants to kiss me because I have pretty lips and he wants to taste it...

what are your other reasons? ;)

okay you guys said, attraction... but what else do you want from her after?


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  • because if I love and care for one specific girl I only want to kiss her and nobody else

  • I would wanna kiss one particular girls because I'm attracted to her.

  • id love to kiss u

    • Lol. do you really? why?? ur not answering the question.

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    • Corse I kist a girl before ur pretty tho so id lik to kiss you tats y he wants to kiss you

    • Im talking about snackeyg who said he has never kissed a girl before...

      im flattered you wanna kiss me. tnx ;)

  • do we need a reason?

    • Yes you do.. so its just because? and you just don't go kissing any girl that's y with this particular girl?

    • Because I'm not attracted to every women I see. No attraction = no kiss.

      If you mean what physical asset a woman must have to get my kiss, I wouldn't know what to answer you. I'm not attracted to lips, boobs or ass. I'm attracted to the woman as a whole. Personality included.

    • I agree with u... ;) he said he is attracted to me too... and he can't help it

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