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Should I break up?

so I'm 25 dating a 32 female with 2 childrens
in a long distance relationship
there is a million reasons for me to leave but one reason to stay I LOVE HER MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF
her problem is she is worrie that i will leave because of her looks or life
so she keep telling me stuff so she look cool
I pretend that she is right and everyone want her but it's not true from what i see
we are planning to get marry in 3 months
i don't want to be in relation base on lies so i keep telling her that she can be honest and i will not judge
as long as she trust me and believe my love
i do everything humanly possible to make her feel I'm there
i helped her with her problems financially and emotionally but still she don't believe i love her that much I think
she want to marry me nowwwwwwwwww
but lately i start to have doubts
about her not ready because I think she just want a father figure
i dont do drugs or alcohol or go out late I'm athletic
I accept I'm the 3rd in her life after the kids
when ever she call or text I answer her
and soo much more
simply perfect guy in the planet
but my problem is that
I can't seem to trust her. She hide her icloud from me
and only give it to me after she deleted stuff
she say she did that so I won't get hurt when i see pictures of her ex husband bitten her or his crazy text
but i told her i love you and I want her to trust me
now I'm worrying that she may cheat on me after we get married because i told her I won't go through divorce if we get married but if she ever did and i found out than i will divorce her
I break up with her 4 times and she keep asking me back

Should I break up?
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