Home Remedies for Zits?

HELP! I have a first date tonight and a huge zit popped up. Is there any way I can make it disappear a little before tonight? Any home remedies would be so helpful!


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  • put some fluoride based tooth paste on it and it should be gone in a few hours (works in about 2 for me).There's also this mix I found online and made and it completely left my face clear of any blck heads or zits and it was super smooth and soft: I put 1 small overly ripe banana, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey and left it on my face for about 15 minutes (like a face mask) and it worked wonders :D. btw after this honey mixture your face will look irritated for a few minutes so if that happens splash some cold water on it and pat it dry gently :). if all that fails just use some cover-up to at least make it look less red good luck on your date tonight :)

    • I agree, toothpaste works pretty well in reducing the size a bit and also lots of concealer

    • That was pretty much my answer right there! great answer:) Just ice it before you apply the mask to reduce redness and irritation

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  • nothing instant like your going for,

    i'd put tape over it (clear scotch tape type) to A. flatten it(not sure though) and B. direct some pain to it, the body goes to spots of pain to repair it.

    then use makeup after removing the tape if your doing that, not doing it? makeup, and hope your good at it

    best of luck


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  • Toothepaste

    it dries it up quickly.

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