Very unresponsive with certain texts?

I went out with this girl a few times but we have been talking for quite a while. Text back and forth at work, talk on the phone and all that. But when I text her what she's up to that night (basically, any time I try to set up something to do), she just never responds (I don't actually make plans over text, but if I think of something at work, I text).

To me it's actually pretty annoying as I'm not sure if that's a 'no' or ... well, not sure why she won't answer. Then later on I'll get her on the phone and we make plans or she asks me to do something. But it's been a few times already where she just ignores my text when I ask her. And me, I'm the type if I ask once and get no response - I won't ask again for that particular night or plan.

Is it just me or is that indeed, odd?


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  • You went out on a few dates and probably didn't escilate so now she lost interest, you need to always progress the relationship, I make this mistake as well but you need to do it and avoid the comfort of texting someone over calling them

    • When we go out or talk everything is fine. But the reason I text is when we're both at work we can't exactly sit on our cell phones so we text eachother. It's just bothersome whenever I ask if she's busy later she doesn't answer (this only happens with texts). Although she would later ask me if we're going out or whatnot.

    • Yes but you have not had sex with her yes? have you even kissed her yet? before I have sex with a woman I only call her to arange a meeting face to face. I used to make the mistake of talking on the phone or sending texts but the more communication you have with the girl before you have sex the more chances you have of disturbing the flow of attraction and having her get away. First sex then sms