What are things that guys like when a girl kisses them?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 5 months now and he knows some things to do to me to get me to go crazy! I want to know how I can get him to go crazy! So what can I do? what do you guys like girls to do to you to make you go crazy when they are kissing you!?! Someone please answer my questions! Thanks!


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  • Hello,

    when you kiss use your toung, hold him tight.. this shows hight interest and it makes us guys feel like we are the man..

    stroking his ego also works really well, tell him he looks good, trust me we notice these things

    Good Luck



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  • french kissing is about as crazy as it gets, unless you plan on going lollipop crazy all over his face and body

  • pinch his nipples

    • Its hard to believe you guys like it when girls pinch ur nipples lol

    • Dont try to rip them off just a little pinch its playfull

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