Texts everyday but we still don't hang out?

This boy usually texts me first. We went to prom together. We had a class together everyday and I tended to get the "likes me" vibes from him. He would text me everyday or every other day for a while and what began as a friendship for me slowly began to form into something that could turn into more. Now that it's summer we don't see each other anymore, but we still text constantly, yet just today, because I was fed up with just texting and never hanging out, I suggested hanging out yet he had plans already which he told me about, yet still, I feel like I've been a little rejected. Why hasn't this gone any where, especially if he's so constantly texting me? Is it possible that's he's simply so bored that he just texts me for no real reason?


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  • It could be that he just thinks of you as a good friend, but it would make a lot of sense if he were a shy guy. He could be afraid of asking you to hang out, and he really was busy that day you suggested hanging out, but he isn't opposed to hanging out with you another time. Did you suggest another date after he told you he was busy?

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