He hasn't texted me back?

So basically, my boyfriend is acting very distant lately...

Since his phone got fixed, we've been texting each other nonstop for the past like 9 days. Then, we were texting on Thursday night still and exchanged 'good morning texts' Friday morning and I said 'so what are you doing today?' and got NOTHING.

So I texted him today saying: Hey. And he said: Hi! Just woke up an hour ago. And this was around 3 PM. And now I haven't heard anything back.


I texted him just now saying: Are you okay?

And got nothing yet.

[The whole issue I think is that I'm going to school in the fall, 5 hours away from his school. We agreed to stay together. But I'm thinking it's only hitting him now.]

Turns out he is sick. He texted me then. I was being a worry wart for no reason.


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  • Maybe he just needs his space for alittle while so just let him be. If he wants to talk to you he will text or call you. Guys go through phases and he might just want to do his own thing for a couple of days so what ever you do DONT text him. You don't wanna seem needy or clingy its a bad thing. If you don't text or call and just go out and do your own thing he will text or call you within a couple days a gaureentee it.

    • How did you come to realize that guys go through phases? I have yet to figure that out.

    • Well to be honost an guy I have been with has gone through phases like on minute everything is fine and dandy, the next he gets mad at you for no reason or over something insignificant, then he wants to be left alone for a little while maybe go out with guy friends, then the cycle repeats. well that's my experience.

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  • I think you should let a couple days go by, then call him (not text) to set up a lunch date. Then ask him what's going on.

    • The thing is, we're long distance right now. Haha. So that's kind of hard. And I can't talk on the phone right now because I have a HORRIBLE ear infection. And it's annoying to even talk, much less listen.

    • Then can one of you visit the other for a weekend? I was just thinking that if texting isn't working, you could try a more personal way of communicating that will help you get the answers you seek.

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